Trina Solar Scores Big Contract with Southern California Edison

Trina Solar Ltd., Changzhou, China, said its U.S. subsidiary, Trina Solar Inc., will supply Southern California Edison (SCE) with 45 MW of PV modules for the utility's solar photovoltaic installation program, otherwise known as the SCE Solar PV Program. SCE plans to cover up to 65 million square feet of unused Southern California commercial rooftops with 250 MW of the latest photovoltaic technology, which has sufficient capacity to meet the needs of approximately 162,000 homes.

"This program is a milestone in utility-owned PV generation in the United States and Trina Solar is excited to play a significant part in supplying modules representing approximately 20 percent of the solar capacity needed for the program," said Jifan Gao, Chairman and CEO of Trina Solar. Details

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