That's one giant wind turbine

That's one giant wind turbine

The recent announcement by Danish wind turbine maker Vesta that it will start building giant 7MW offshore wind turbine in early 2015 made a splash in the wind market, as this turbine has more than twice the generating capacity of its current line of offshore wind tubines, or of the turbines of competitors such as GE and Siemens.

The rotor diameter of this wind turbine will be 164 meters (538 feet), while the rotor diameter of its current line of offshore wind turbines maxes out at 112 meters (367 feet). The announcement of the launch at a recent London press conference was accompanied by a comparison of the length of the rotor blade to nine double-decker London buses.

According to information on Vestas' website, to date it has installed 580 offshore turbines equaling 43 percent of all offshore turbines in the world. Vestas installed a total of 555MW of generating capacity at the Robin Rigg, Thanet and Bligh Bank offshore wind farms. Details

vestas offshore giant

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