Taking a walk on Holophane's night-time demo lighting tour

The latest entry in Electrical Wholesaling's “Now why didn't some think of this before?” contest is Holophane's Night Time Demo, which you can take by appointment at the Acuity Brands campus in Granville, Ohio, or by clicking through this online tour.

The tour is intended to help customers increase their outdoor lighting knowledge by walking through a series of outdoor lighting environments and experiencing first-hand the quality of different outdoor lighting technologies. The Night Time Demo includes dozens of outdoor lighting solutions displayed in multiple environments -- walkways, parking lots, streets and roadways - throughout the Acuity Brands campus in Granville. The demonstration site allows customers to view product performance, observe lighting effects, compare different lighting sources, and survey multiple luminaire styles.

"It's an extremely efficient and productive way to experience outdoor lighting technologies in real applications," said Greg Subisak, director of lighting education for the Granville facility, "In many cases, an instantaneous comparison of systems can be viewed. For example, a comparison of a road lit with luminaires using an LED light source and the same road lit with luminaires using a high pressure sodium light source can be made at several viewing stations."

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