Solar3D files patent for three-dimensional solar cell

Solar3D Inc. (SLTD), Santa Barbara, Calif., has filed a patent for its three-dimensional solar cell, which utilizes a three-dimensional design to trap sunlight inside micro-photovoltaic structures where photons bounce around until they are converted into electrons technology to maximize the conversion of sunlight into electricity, The patent application covers the design of the solar cell design and methods of fabrication. Solar 3D started trading publicly on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) under the symbol “SLTD” in October.

“With the filing of this patent, we are poised to create something truly exciting,” said Jim Nelson, CEO, Solar3D. “Many industry observers and analysts have said that for the solar industry to truly make a difference, the developers of the next generation solar technologies will have to step up. This application represents our intention to step up and make a real difference in the world.” Details

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