Siemens solar thermal adventure unwinds

In an interesting bit of analysis on the solar market that keys on Siemens' difficulties selling a solar thermal technology unit it bought for over $400 million in 2009, Ucilia Wang of GigaOm points out that concentrating solar technologies appear to be a hard sell in some parts of the world, even for a power giant like Siemens. One of the causes she points out pertain to the economic realities inside the solar world, where "The plummeting prices of solar panels in recent years have made it difficult for solar thermal technology to compete for utility contracts." But she also brings up political issues surrounding the particular company Siemens bought. 

Why Siemens has a hard time selling its solar tech, at GigaOm

Siemens Will Shut Solar Unit on $1 Billion Loss in Two Years, at Bloomberg

The Sunset of Solel, Siemens and Solar Trough CSP Technology, at GreenTech Solar

Siemens Solar fires 150 at Beit Shemesh plant, at Globes

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