Schneider Electric Launches IoT Platform

Schneider Electric Launches IoT Platform

Schneider Electric today launched a new platform to support Internet of Things (IoT) integration for buildings, utility grids, industrial applications and data centers. Dubbed EcoStruxure, the offering is an open, scalable and interoperable architecture for connecting IoT-enabled devices so they can be used to enhance application capabilities and support analytics of the data the devices produce.

Along with the EcoStruxure platform itself, Schneider launched a community to support and extend the technology, with Microsoft and Intel among its first allies. The system uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to deliver its digital services, apps and analytics, and Intel’s Field Programmable Gateway Arrays (FPGA) to power its sensors and devices. Schneider said new partnerships will be continually added to the community with specialized technology providers such as Zuora, which makes cloud-based subscription, commerce and finance systems, and larger players such as Panasonic, which recently partnered with Schneider on HVAC and building management systems.

The EcoStruxure platform provides the architecture for IoT device control, remote or on-premises access to operations, advanced automation and control, and a portfolio of apps, analytical tools and services using open, vendor-agnostic protocols. Schneider Electric is drawing on a plan of focused investment in research and product development in the areas of software, analytics and services, coupled with the integration of recent acquisitions such as Invensys, Telvent and Summit Energy.

“Our innovation technology stack is critical to our open innovation approach, designed to deliver the most innovative IoT-enabled solutions to our customers,” said Prith Banerjee, Schneider’s chief technology officer, in a release. “Introducing a comprehensive suite of apps, analytics and services built on the capabilities from within Schneider Electric and our network of partners and developers, enables our customers to benefit from open, interoperable and future-proof solutions that maximize the value, performance, reliability and efficiency of their entire operation and enterprise over time.”

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