Now why didn't I think of that! Organic glue made from banana peels

Two Toronto high-school students weren't monkeying around in science class -- They won the first GE Green Innovation Award for inventing an organic glue from banana peels. GE's award was created to recognize outstanding achievement at the high-school level on a scientific project with green objectives that help improve environmental performance.

The winners for the 2012 Green Innovation Award are Gultekin Barhudarova and Zeynep Tosun, two Grade 12 students from Toronto's Nile Academy who developed a safe and organic glue from common bananas that apparently has proved to be more adhesive and environmentally friendly than the traditional white glue used by young children and students across Canada .Their award-winning project is titled "Sticky and Safe Mess: From Banana to Glue," and was recently on display at the Toronto Science Fair.

"We came up with the idea by simply playing with a variety of different foods and realized that banana peels have a naturally sticky sap,” said the winners in a GE press release. “We then wondered what could be made from the sap, and after a series of experiments developed natural, organic glue that can be easily created by anyone with bananas in their home." Details

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