Milwaukee paper takes a look at Rockwell's role in the Internet of Things

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has a nice in-depth piece on hometown heroes Rockwell Automation and the role the company stands to play in the proliferation of networked automation that allows products of all kinds to communicate with one another. 

"Rockwell, known for 110 years for its made-in-Milwaukee factory controls, now is morphing into a web pioneer on an industrial scale, supplying routers, switches and other types of hardware that make up the backbone of the Internet."

The Internet of things idea, fairly new and already seeming quaint, is nontheless taking on the look of an unstoppable force. While most of the buzz from venues such as the CES conference focuses on network-enabled trinkets to dazzle the consumer masses, the real potential for the technology lies in production facilities, and Rockwell knows it.

Manufacturing "is by far the biggest opportunity across the entire Internet of Things landscape," Nosbusch said in an email to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Within the next two years, half of manufacturers will migrate their infrastructure to the cloud."

Good read: "Rockwell leading way in next industrial revolution" by John Schmid, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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