Mad Money's Jim Cramer on Solar and Wind Stocks: Sell! Sell! Sell!


On the heels of disappointing financial news from Danish wind giant Vestas, Mad Money's Jim Cramer issued a damning blanket statement on all solar and wind stocks yesterday because of his concerns about whether or not these stocks are viable businesses without government subsidies.

While Cramer is now pounding his "sell" button for these stocks, Mad Money fans may remember how much he liked First Solar (FSLR) back in 2007, when the stock ran up from less than $30 per share to more than $300 per share. It should be noted that some financial analysts still like First Solar-- Fortune magazine picked the company as one its "100 Fastest-Growing Companies."

Cramer is now on the bandwagon for Cree Inc., (CREE) which he says is now selling for an "absurdly low" price, at about $58 per share.

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