Hurricane Sandy Coverage: G&G Electric open for business in NYC

Here's an update from G&G Electric's Larry Heimrath on the company's first full day back in business:

"Thursday marked our first day back in business. Joe Fusco, company president, worked Wednesday night connecting a small 5700W generator to light up our counter area, telephones, warehouse and one computer as a prelude to our first day back in operation.

"About twenty employees showed up and we were in business. We may have been the only supply house open on Manhattan island (can not confirm). Getting onto the island was a chore for our employees, many of whom didn't have power in their own homes. Whether using a car or the limited public transportation, getting onto the island was time consuming and exhausting.

"From the instant our phone system was energized, the phones rang with a frequent urgency. There was an insatiable appetite for materials to extend power from generators to needed loads. Rubber cord 10/4 S was in high demand and sold out quickly with customers taking larger sizes or Romex as a substitute. We immediately contacted our Rep (Brazill Bros) and sent our truck to replenish our supply. Other than large size rubber cord, twist-lock male connectors are the standard for small generators. These sold out in less than an hour. The constancy of power in NYC obviates the need for small generators, except for street food vendors. Contractors and buildings use much larger units more frequently hard wired.

"Other than temporary power needs, we sold fuses and other products used to recover equipment exposed to water. Surprisingly there was also a demand for standard everyday materials. While the north of the island above 39th Street remained energized, electrical contractors who struggled to get onto the city wanted to work. Many electricians suffered loss of homes or the less serious loss of power. Despite all, the show must go on to produce the paycheck to fund rebuilding.

"After a successful first day in operation, Joe began to plan for the next. We need to get materials and employees onto the island and we need more power to run more computers. Power should be back early Saturday morning. If not we must get a large three phase generator. We need the three phase to power our wire machine. Drawing and measuring large size wire without a wire machine is quite a chore. Joe located an generator in PA for $16 grand plus transportation... Big mgt decision considering the predicted power restoration a day away.How reliable is this promise from Con Ed? How to get materials and employees around a grid locked city."

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