Hubbell Building Automation Joins CLA

Hubbell Building Automation (HBA), Greenville, S.C., part of Hubbell Lighting, has become a member of The Connected Lighting Alliance (CLA), an open standards group for networked lighting systems.

“The use of wireless technology is one of the most exciting frontiers in lighting control, offering significant benefits over traditional wired solutions for both existing buildings and new construction,” said Terry Arbouw, director of business development at HBA. “We look forward to working closely with The Connected Lighting Alliance on the promotion of a unified approach to wireless connectivity”.

The CLA encourages open-source compatibility between companies and products while removing confusion for consumers in the marketplace. The standards CLA supports are intended to simplify the purchasing process and allow customers to select best-of-class solutions that work seamlessly together—eliminating a serious barrier to widespread adoption of wireless lighting solutions.

Hubbell’s release said the lighting world “is on the eve of a paradigm shift towards wireless connectivity, and HBA’s industry-leading products offer the simplest and most convenient form of new lighting control.”


TAGS: Lighting News
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