Gooee Partners with PointGrab on Smart Lighting

Gooee, St. Petersburg, FL, purveyor of an operating platform to connect lighting manufacturers to the Internet of Things (IoT), announced a partnership with PointGrab, Hod Hasharon, Israel, provider of an intelligent edge-analytics sensing solution. By connecting PointGrab’s deep-learning based sensor, CogniPoint, into Gooee’s ecosystem, and streaming the data to Gooee’s cloud, the partnership aims to enhance the building automation industry through real-time intelligence and energy efficiency, Gooee said in a release.

“Alongside our IoT sensor, the PointGrab sensing platform will generate a rich dataset that we expect will lead to several energy saving opportunities and the optimization of smart buildings,” said Simon Coombes, CTO and co-founder of Gooee.

PointGrab’s CogniPoint provides occupants’ presence, count and positions in a miniature form factor. By utilizing advanced deep learning neural networks technology, the device delivers actionable analytics for optimizing building operations, space management, energy savings and business intelligence. For Gooee, this is the first integration of third party technology into its ecosystem, but more is to come according to Coombes.

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