General Cable unit wins deal to connect offshore wind farm

Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke GmbH, a subsidiary of General Cable Corp. (BGC), Highland Heights, Ky., won a 195 million-Euro (~$270 million) contract from 50Hertz Offshore GmbH, to provide cabling for Baltic 2, an offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea near Rugen island.

The installation work at Baltic 2 is expected to start in 2012. Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke will be responsible for supply and installation of 120 kilometers of submarine transmission cables and 3 single-core underground terrestrial transmission cables of 12 kilometers each. General Cable will also provide related accessories for Baltic 2's 80 wind turbines. With individual capacity of 3.6 megawatts, the total will put out 288 megawatts of power. The plant is designed to produce 1,200 gigawatt hours of electricity annually for about 340,000 families. story

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