GE published position paper on incandescent lamp legislation

According to a GE lighting press statement, California will become a test lab next year for how consumers nationwide may react to new federal lighting efficiency laws taking effect throughout the country on January 1, 2012. Under Title 20, the Golden State's energy commission has the authority to regulate lighting products used by consumers and businesses. As a result of the commission's actions, consumers in California will start to experience the phase out of 100W incandescents this coming January, a year before the rest of the country. Californians will also deal with the phasing out of 75W, 60W and 40W incandescents on an accelerated schedule.

To educate business and consumers on these changes, GE Lighting has published a position paper, “A Transforming Global Lighting Industry,” that provides perspective on lighting legislation and the energy-efficient lighting technologies available to consumers and businesses now and will be developed in the years ahead.

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