GE donates $1.1 million to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts

In response to Hurricane Sandy, GE today gave $1.1 million to support relief and recovery efforts throughout the Northeast . One million dollars was given to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The additional $100,000 dollars was given to the United Way of America for them to direct to local communities where they determine the need is greatest. GE's contribution to both organizations provides immediate support to disaster response efforts and brings much needed relief to all of those affected by the hurricane. Additionally, GE’s Volunteer Councils are engaged with local non-profits to also respond to needs on the ground.

“While state and local governments as well as relief organization are still in the middle of determining the exact needs as a result of Hurricane Sandy, we have employees, customers and neighbors who have lost or damaged homes, or who are still living without power,” said Bob Corcoran, vice president of GE Foundation in a press release announcing the donation. “Through our partner relief organizations, GE can help those in need in the aftermath and we will.”


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