Fastenal now has 50,000 industrial vending machines installled

An industrial vending machine Fastenal, Winona, Minn., recently installed at the Terex Mixer factory in Fort Wayne, Ind., turned out to be its 50,000th installation since the inception of its Fast Solutions industrial vending program in 2008, when it first started using the machines to dispense high-demand shop consumables at the point of use in industrial facilities.

Over the past few years the cumulative number of FAST Solutions devices in place at customer sites has skyrocketed — from just over 7,000 at the close of 2011, to more than 46,000 by year-end 2014. Meanwhile, Fastenal’s vending technology offering has expanded and evolved to support a spectrum of product shapes and sizes — from tiny cutting tool inserts to bulky items like boxes and aerosol cans. Fastenal said in a press release that it’s fitting the 50,000th installation took place within a Terex facility. Currently 23 Fastenal stores service 228 FAST Solutions devices implemented at multiple Terex sites nationwide.

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