EU moves to block dumping of solar panels from China

Although the European Union reached a deal in July with some solar panel makers in China to set a floor on panel prices and ease contention over claims that China was "dumping" panels below cost in Europe's solar markets, EU has now set a deadline for implementing tariffs on panels from manufacturers who refused to join the deal.

According to IndustryWeek, a two-year tariff program will begin this week, Dec. 6, imposing anti-dumping measures on manufacturers that meet certain criteria. As seen in the U.S., solar panels from China have been flooding the market for a couple of years. 

This triggered the EU's biggest-ever trade probe covering a market worth some 21 billion euros (US $28.5 billion) initially, although this has since fallen dramatically due to overcapacity and tumbling demand.

During these investigations the commission found that Chinese companies were selling solar panels in Europe at far below their normal market prices and were receiving illegal subsidies, causing significant harm to EU solar panel producers.

TAGS: Global Solar
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