Detroit to go all LED in accelerated roadway lighting project

Detroit's Public Lighting Authority, created last year to oversee a plan to replace deteriorating roadway lighting in several parts of the city, decided yesterday to use exclusively light-emitting diode (LED) equipment in an accelerated timeline, the Detroit News reported this morning. The PLA's new goal is to complete the relighting project in 18 months. 

The paper reported that a demonstration installation showed that LED fixtures were brighter and more cost-effective. There also will be more lights installed:

In addition to providing a street light at every street corner, the new plan also requires a light in the middle of any block that’s more than 300 feet long. The previous plan, approved by the former authority board last year, had required lights in the middle of any block 600 feet long or more.

Read the full story: "Public Lighting Authority accelerates pace of Detroit light installation, sets meetings" by Christine Ferretti, The Detroit News

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