Cree accuses e-retailer of counterfeiting, trademark infringement

Triangle Business Journal reports that LED lighting manufacturer Cree, Durham, N.C., has filed suit against an electronic retailer in California, TomTop Group, accusing it of selling “pirated and counterfeit” Cree-branded products on e-commerce websites such as eBay and Amazon.

“According to Cree’s allegations, TomTop was never authorized to distribute Cree products or use its trademarks. But investigators from Cree purchased several flashlights from TomTop, receipts for which are included in the exhibits filed with the suit. Cree claims those transactions and the products it purchased — many of which Cree says carry an unauthorized “Cree” label and are falsely advertised as being Cree merchandise – are evidence of wrongdoing. Reproductions of Cree trademarks were copied onto products and product packaging in attempts to convince customers that the TomTop wares were made by Cree, the suit alleges,” the report said.

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