Is commercial construction starting to revive? Some top electrical distributors say yes

Electrical Marketing this week has a sneak peak at early returns from the survey for Electrical Wholesaling's 2011 Top 200 list. Early respondents to the survey say they're starting to see pockets of growth in key segments of the construction market. While few respondents had yet seen much growth in the residential market, some are now seeing signs the long-slumbering commercial construction market is starting to wake up.

For one example, Scott Germann, CEO, Main Electric Supply Co. Inc., Los Angeles, expects 10 percent growth in 2011 for his company, which was ranked as the 95th largest electrical distributor on the 2010 Top 200. He said commercial projects were increasing in his company's Southern California market but that residential projects were still lagging.

EM subscribers can get the story here:

Some Top 200 Distributors Starting to See Turn in Commercial Construction Market

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