Army said to shift away from LEED certifications

A post on the Green Building Law Update reports that the U.S. Army has said it will no longer pursue Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for its buildings, but instead will develop its own building code modeled on the ASHRAE 189.1 standard.

For several years, all new construction by the Department of Defense has been required to qualify for LEED Silver certification. A recent DoD reauthorization bill prohibited the department from pursuing LEED Gold or Platinum status for its buildings. The armed services have been among LEED's biggest proponents since the certification program was launched 12 years ago.

The blog, published by the law offices of Christopher W. Cheatham LLP, says the move to ASHRAE 189.1 has been underway for awhile now, and draws some interesting conclusions on the impact this move will have on the U.S. Green Building Council, which created and administers LEED, and on suppliers and service providers who have used LEED AP credentials to boost their credibility with the federal government.

Read "Army Abandons LEED Certification"

Further coverage from Ecogeek.

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