3M launches upscale LED lighting solutions

An interesting player is now on the scene in the LED lighting market, a space that’s attracting all sorts of new manufacturers. 3M Architectural Markets, St. Paul, Minn., has introduced a new lighting solution for the architecture and design community with the introduction of its AIR and FLEX LED lighting fixtures. The AIR and FLEX fixtures are targeted at retail, healthcare, hospitality and workplace applications.

In a press release announcing the launch, said George Levendusky, Global Business Manager of Design Lighting at 3M, said, “AIR and FLEX are manifestations of exactly the kind of innovation and design quality we continue to strive for at 3M Architectural Markets. hese fixtures provide the efficiency of an LED with the stunning qualities of an art installation – a marriage that makes them a smart addition to any space.”

For more information, click here.

Press release

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